There are three types of Cash Ad Offers.
The best GPT (Get Paid To) site that pays you to surf.
Who wants to deal with the other websites' convoluted rules? With other programs, you can only redeem points for what they offer. Do you buy to resell on your eBay shop? Do you need residual income? If they pay you with merchandise, you may not like or even need the item.
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Miles are even worse: you can only use the miles with one airline. Along with a list of restrictions a thousand miles long. Depending on which website you put the link, hundreds or thousands of people might read your comment. Many people might like what you wrote, then would click on the  link, and do the ad offer. You will get paid every time! Are you thinking that because we pay in real cash, we end up paying less...and that the points programs actually pay more when converted to a cash value?
PaymentKey pays you many, many, MANY times more than the ALL of the points rewards, miles, merchandise, and gift card programs...around $20 to $100 per hour!
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The highest-paid members write to promote our advertisers' products.
You can get cash rebates from just about every online store that exists, and probably your favorites, too.
Maria V
"I was spending hours & hours doing surveys online...& not so much money. With Paymentkey I've made around $1,600 so far. Very cool.
— Maria V., Miami
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Write about any  type of ad offer...both Cash Ad Offers and Shopping Cash-back...or any subject of an ad offer that you find appealing. What could be an easier way to earn money than that? Right now some PaymentKey members are making thousands of dollars per month -- every month. Hey, Writearn is free and not so hard, so try it out today. To make great money, you must write lots of mentions, and you must put them in places where lots of interested people will see and appreciate what you've written.
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If you follow all the instructions, you can continually earn great income, even while you sleep!
You get a payment every time someone completes the ad offer mention you have created, and you get the same payment amount as if you did the ad offer. Find three different websites to write about the first ad offer. Write your mentions interestingly and appropriate for the readers of each website.